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certificacion halal

 Services - The Halal Catering Argentina

  • Control visits by Imams accredited in Argentina. Supervision of cattle subproducts, food, and all other Halal products in general. 



  • All kinds of control that efficiently confirm that the products that Muslims in any country receibe to be consumed meet all the legal conditions required by the provisions of the Islamic Sharía. 


  • The company habitually performs controls on jellies, dried, milk, honey, fish, elaborated food, drinks, juices, and other products consumed in Islamic communities. Counseling to all those who desire to enter the Islamic markets, information about specific reaquirements and characteristics of each buyer country.The word Islamic community has more than 1,500 millions believers. Our objetive is to serve, rendering our best services, observing and cooperating with the compliance with the provisions of the holy Koran.Thus, we have the join effort of producer, industries, exporters and Islamic entities and authorities that, with Gods providence that gifted the eart with the desired food, allow us to take the noble HALAL products to the whole Oslamic World.

Halal Qualifiction of Processing food plant & Slaughterhouses

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