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What is HALAL?

The word HALAL covers all acts of life of Muslims. The word HALAL means "Licit": alowed for consumption by Muslims.

Regarding food, designates all foods that comply with the prescribed in the Quran Karim -(The Generous reading) book revealed by God "the All-Wise" to the Prophet Muhammad(P,B,D) for the guidance of Muslims (Arabic muslims=submissive by God). In food processing plants and slaughterhouses of animals allowed fridges for consumption by Muslims, must comply with Islamic Shariah Law (Islamic Law) Therefore any food or drinks is considered HALAL when it conforms to the Sahria.


HARAMPROHIBITED;ILICIT / HARAMNOT ALLOWED. Pork, poultry decaying, blood, dead animals, monkeys, frogs, predatory animals, plants harmful (toxic and poisonous). Alcohol and its derivates. And any animal that has been slaughtered under another name other than God, that is not slaughtered under Islamic rites. It follows that the statement is illegal: HARAM, forbidden for consumption bu Muslims.

Some schools consider that fish ara HALAL when it have scales.

In order to perform our task, we are supported by a team specialized in these activities, which is integrated by personnel that belongs to an Islamic community, whose dedication and efforts are devoted to the service of our objetive, developing the task and fulfilling the ritual requeriments, without allowing their work to interfere with the habitual rhythm, that the modern industrial activity requires.




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